Package ID : Madurai Travels – Ziyarath Tour – 03

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Duration: 1 Night / 2 Days

Destination Covered : Dhargas In South Tamilnadu

Madurai Hazrats Maqbara:

Madurai Hazrats Maqbara

In Madurai, South Tamilnadu, the term Maqbara generally refers to the Dargahs of three saints: Meer Ahmad Ibrahim Waliyullah Al Kabir, Meer Amjad Ibrahim Waliyullah As Saghir, and Syed Abdus Salaam Ibrahim Saalim Waliyullah.The graves of all three sheikhs are located in the Kazimar big mosque (Periya Pallivasal) in the heart of Madurai city, which is the cultural capital of Tamilnadu in South India.


The pilgrim centre, Athankarai Pallivasal is located in between Thiruchendur and Kanyakumari on the coast road, about 46kms from Thirunelveli. The shrine has two domes of Sufi saints who were believed to grant all desires of devotees. One dome is dedicated to Syed Ali Fathima and another to Hazrath Sheik Mohammed. During the festival held in September, thousands of devotees gather here to pay their homage and seek blessings.

Pottal Pudur:

Pottalpudur Dhargah

The centre of attraction of this place is the oldest dargha built around the year 1674. This dargha attracts not only the Muslims but Hindus and Christians also in equal numbers. This has been built adopting Hindu temple pattern. If the prayers of the pilgrims are answered, they pay their offerings, through the dargha in large numbers during Kanthuri festival with great reverence. In this dargha where the lebbais act as priest, customs almost similar to that of Hindus are followed in the rituals. Here holy ashes obtained from tamarind bark, ghee, and flowers called nerchai are distributed to the devotees.

Kayal Pattinam:

Maqbara of Hazrat Kazi Syed Alauddin brother of Hazrat Kazi Syed Tajuddin the fore father of Madurai Maqbara Hazrat’s is located here.
Hazrath Kattu Maqdhoom Dhargah
Rowzas Of Shuhadas Who Came as The Troops of Hazrath Sulthan Syed Ibrahim Shaheed Of Erwadi Raliyallahu Ta’ala anhu
Aboobakkar Miskeen Sahib Durgah
Thaikka Waliyullah Dargah
Periya Lebbai Appa & Chinna Lebbai Appa Waliyullah Dargah
Hazarat Kasim Pulavar Auliya Dargah
Hazarat Per Mahmood Mazthoobu Auliya Dargah
Zawiyatul Fassiyatush Shadhiliyya
Mahlarathul Qadiriya

Ettaya Puram:

Umaru Pulavar (Tamil: உமறுப் புலவர்) was a Tamil Muslim poet from Tamil Nadu, India. Umaru Pulavar was born in 1642 in the town of Ettayapuram in Thoothukudi district. He is celebrated as one of the greatest Islamic Poets of India. He Wrote Seera Puranam (Poetry About The Life History Of Prophet SAWS In Tamil).. His Dargah Is Located In Ettayapuram.


Vaippar Dhargah

Vaippar is a village panchyat in Tuticorin district, Tamil Nadu, India.[1]. A famous dargah where the grave of Hazrat Shamsuddeen Shaheed Raziyallah Ta’ala anhu a minister of Badusha Sulthan Syed Ibrahim Shaheed of Erwadi is found here.