Madurai is the oldest populated city in India and is the second corporation city of Tamil Nadu State. It is located on the banks of the  Vaigai River. The city is generally known as the Temple City. And is frequently also referred to as Koodal Maanagar, Cultural Capital of Tamil Nadu, Malligai Maanagar (City of Jasmine), Thoonga Nagaram (Sleepless City).

Madurai was the center city of primordial Southern civilization. Madurai’s cultural tradition goes back 3,000 years, and the city has been a significant commercial center and has conducted trade as far as Rome and Greece since as early as 550 B.C.E.

Madurai is a city with a history dated back all the way back to Sangam period of the Christian era. Madurai was the seat of the ancient Pandyan kingdom of Tamilakam. Poet Sangam Nakkeerar period is associated with some episodes of  Tiruvilayaadal Sundareswarar notice – which are accepted as part of temple festival traditions even today. In the beginning of the third century BC, Megasthenés visited Madurai. Later many people from Rome and Greece and many countries visited Madurai and established trade with the Pandya kings.

The city of Madurai is the second largest City in Tamil Nadu is known for its world famous Meenakshi Temple. The Meenakshi Temple is famous for its carvings and complex Bible. Madurai city is situated on the banks of river Vaigai and boasts a rich ancient culture and heritage. Madurai is over 2500 years, it’s one of the oldest towns in India. The city is the capital of the Pandya kings, Madurai is deemed to have been designed and planned Pandyan King Kulasekara in the 6th century BC.

Madurai city has something for everyone. The famous floating festival is of great religious significance and attracts pilgrims from across the country. Adventurous tourists people visit Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary and Megamalai tea estates, while nature lovers can go to Kodaikanal, Suruli Kumbakkarai and Water Falls. So, Madurai city is a beautiful combination of art, culture, spirituality, technology and entertainment, and is a popular tourist destination.

Temple City of Madurai is one of the oldest cities in fact reflects the heritage of India’s cultural ethos India. In the city of Madurai is closely associated with the literary wealth of classical and modern Tamil. Crown the glory of this historic town is sprawled Madurai Meenakshi Sundareswarar temple. Four of the six main streams of indigenous belief systems, as codified by Sankaracharya (ie Saivism, Shaktism, Vaishnavism, and the worship of Skanda) meet in this historic city of Madurai on festive occasions when the entire region transformed the huge space of celebration.

Madurai is aimed at Meenakshi temple Sundareswarar. Sundareswarar Meenakshi temple is literally breathtaking and world-famous gallery of each stone, each image of the ancient tradition of breath – and a vibrant culture. Today’s city of Madurai is reportedly known as Kadambavanam forest. Lord Indra is worshiped Lord Swayambhu, Lingo in the forest, which was noticed Dhananjaya, the farmer. Lingam was found under the Kadamba tree. A farmer reported what he saw in Kadambavanam to Pandiya king Kulasekara.

Madurai name is derived from the  name “Mathura“meaning  ” sweet ” in “Tamil Language”, and later the city gradually got its name as Madurai. Lord Shiva played through miracles called “Thiruvilaiyadals” in Madurai , so Madurai has Considered as a very important place in ancient Indian history.